right part

The right part of the dashboard has been newly folded with aluminum sheet, covered with synthetic leather and equipped with additional switches.

  • The switches on the top row are with safety caps, which are intended to prevent accidental operation (LED work lights, Diesel pump, second stage engine-cooling fan, etc.).
  • The push buttons underneath are for changing the mode of the LED lightbars (100% -> 50% -> emergency flashing).
  • The lower row consits of normal toggle switches for switching the navigation computer, the mirror heating, cameras, etc.
  • The switches for heating the Separ fuel filter, the fan of the water / air heat exchanger and the display of the Eberspächer water heater are also located on the right instrument panel.

The roof hatch in the cabin can be opened and closed from the driver´s cabin, so that one could theoretically go from the driver´s cab via the roof hatch into the cabin. The reverse (going from the cabin to the driver´s cabin) would only work if you'd previously unlock the hatch of the cab.

left part

The left part of the dashboard is still unchanged. The following enhancements will be installed in the future:

  • Change-over switch for displaying either engine oil temperature, transmission oil temperature and torque converter oil temperature on a single display.
  • Switch for the additional diff lock on the front axle.
  • Display for cylinder head temperature
  • Display for fuel level of the auxiliary tank or outside temperature
  • Switch for manually connecting the vehicle battery to the trunk batteries via an isolation relay