roof rack

The roof rack is made of 6cm thick aluminum pipes that are welded together. The rack is glued and bolted to the cabin roof. LED lightbars and a CB antenna are are mounted at the front of the rack. Right and left of the hatch the rack has small platforms made of aluminum checker plate with airline lashing rails. Four aluminum boxes, which are used to store spare parts and accessories, are lashed to these platforms.

A small rear-facing camera is mounted to the passenger side of the rack, it allows a good look at this area of ​​the vehicle. The "flying blind" when you exit from a service area to the highway is over, without the camera you could hardly see if a vehicle is coming from right.

On the driver side there is a GPS and a Wi-Fi antenna for the navigation PC, as well as two air horns. The Wi-Fi antenna protrudes a bit over the vehicle to have a good signal, but it is still protected against low-hanging cables and branches.

The rear part of the roof rack can be disassembled without tools in order to get to the roof hatch of the engine compartment. A platform made of aluminum checker plate is mounted on that part. Two large aluminum crates are strapped to this platform, in them we store bulky recovery ropes and belts. The ventilation grille of the engine compartment, which is normally open, is protected against the ingress of rain through this platform.

Two pipes on the side of the rack prevent low hanging branches and cables from getting entangled in the boxes and the exhaust pipes.