The truck is equipped with two (later three) cameras:

Dual rear view camera

The rear camera from Axion type DBC 114066TS has two lenses, a one for long-range, one for close range, The illumination of the area behind the trunk is done by built in infrared LEDs. They work quiet well at night, but the brake lights and the external LED roof lights are still helpful for illuminating the area behind the truck when driving backwards.

The camera features a motor-operated shutter with cleaning function. Closing and opening the shutter is done via a button on the dashboard. Despite cleaning the camera automatically, from time to time it is necessary to clean the lenses manually.

Side view camera

On the passenger side of the driver´s cabine, a small ball-type camera Axion DBC 114074K is attached to the roof rack. Through that camera the area on the left side of the vehicle is visible.

Before installing that camera, I always had a problem when leaving rest areas and entering the highway. As the truck lane is mostly left and the cars come from the right, that are was never clearly visible. With the camera, this blind spot is now very well visible.

Front camera driver's side

The plan was to install a forward facing camera on the roof rack on the passenger side. For left-hand traffic, it should be possible to see oncoming traffic, without having to move too far in the opposite lane.

Unfortunately, the view was not as expected, so the camera will probably be moved into the driver's compartment and attached to the upper corner of the front passenger window.

Camera monitor / switch

The cameras are connected to a quad switcher type Axion MCB 104 Q, which supplies the cameras with 12V power (ie no need to use voltage transformer in 24V vehicles) and allows simultaneous viewing of 4 camera signals. This signal is fed via the "video output" of the switch to the "video input" of the monitor of the navigation computer. This 12" monitor is firmly bolted to the right of the dashboard.

A switch on the dashboard can be used to switch between the camera and the PC signal. The monitor detects when there is a signal on the video input, and automatically switches from the computer screen to the camera viewl.

On the left side of the driver's seat, I installed the small keyboard that controls the quad switch. With this keyboard, individual camera signals can be selected or all four cameras can be displayed simultaneously.


While driving a dashcam type BlackVue DR 600GW-HD records what is going on in front of the truck. The camera can be easily operated via the cigarette lighter, as it is suitable for 12V and 24V.

The recording quality is really outstanding. A whole day driving (incl. GPS data) can be stored on a 64GB microSD card. The camera automatically turns on when ignition is off or when the vehicle is stopped for more than a few minutes. When driving, it starts recording again.