navigation system


A Fleet PC 5-IP65 from CarTFT is used as navigation system, together with QuoVadis 7 Software.

The PC is fanless, waterproof and dustproof, has GPS, WiFi, two LAN and two USB ports. The PC is installed behind the driver's seat.

The integrated power supply is connected to the 24V supply of the vehicle. A separate cable monitors the ignition signal and automatically turns on the PC when the engine is started. We did not use this cable as we want to be able to switch on the PC even if the engine is not running.

The computer has two connectors for WiFi antennas. On one of them we connected an external 2.4 GHz WLAN omnidirectional antenna, which is mounted on the roof rack and has a gain of approximately 7dBi.

The handling of the PC can be done via the touch screen and / or via a connected via USB mini-keyboard type Cherry KC 4020. The keyboard is backlit, which is extremely useful when used in the cab.


To display is a 12" touch screen monitor,  type CTF1210-SDWP, also of Car TFT. The Front is waterproof, and the transflective TFT is very easy to read even in bright sunlight.

The monitor is connected to the PC with a special all-in-one cable. This cable is used for supplying power to the monitor, transfering the AV signal from the cameras, the USB signal from the touch screen, the audio signal and of course the HDMI signal. The 5m length is more than enough to reach the PC behind the driver's seat.

The monitor has a very stable metallic housing and a pedestal also made of metal, which is bolted directly to the dashboard.