LED headlights

The standard headlights were like almost all 30 year old lights: not really bright anymore, the glass was blind and the reflector dull. Replacing of the bulb with Osram Truckstar Pro H4 brought only little improvement. Rides at night were possible, but not really pleasant.

For this reason, the standard lamps were replaced with clear glass LED inserts from Truck Lite. They have ECE approval, and can be fitted to the existing holders without any modification.

Unlike the 50W / 70W that the standard headlights need, the 7" LED inserts only use 32W / 39W, which is actually very much for LED lights.


fog lights

Below the bumper I installed two "10 inch Amber Wide-driving Stealth" headlights from BajaDesigns. These lights are made for fog and dust, they are of yellow/orange colour and have 3,600 lumens.

The fog lights are switched from the dashboard. As the headlights have only 42W power consumption, they can be connected directly to the switch (15A rating at 24V) without a relay.


additional LED lightbars

For better illumination in difficult conditions these BajaDesigns LED lights were mounted on the roof rack:

  • 2 x 22 '' Driving Combo Onx Pro Series mounted left and right, used as additional driving light, the rating is 12,900 lumens at 126W
    These headlights turn night into day, everything in front of the vehicle is illuminated as bright as day. By replacing the standard headlights with LED lights, these light bars are not really necessary, but optically the front of the vehicle looks much better :-)
  • 2 x All Spot Squadron XL mounted centrally, used for high beam, each 4,300 lumens at 42W
    These high beam lights together with the LED headlights provide a very good illumination in any situation. If I were to build the vehicle again, I'd probably give up the big 22" light bars, and only install the high beams and replace the stanard headlights with LED inserts.
  • 2 x Wide-cornering Squadron Pro mounted laterally for lighting up corners, the rating is 4,300 lumens at 42W
    To better illuminate the vehicle sides, tight corners or for finding narrow paths along the road, these side-facing LED lights are really useful. The lamps come with a wide scattering lens, so the whole side of the road is illuminated.

All LED lights can be connected via an additional control cable. With this cable, the lights can be switched to three different modes:

  •     100% power, standard when turning the lights on
  •     50% power
  •     strobe function to attract attention in an emergency

The additional lighting is switched via dash-mounted switch with safety cap. The mode is selected via a push button which is mounted directly under the switch. Since the switches are designed for loads of 15A, no relays have been installed.


roof lights

SII lights from BajaDesigns with a wide-angle lenses are mounted on the rear, the left and the right side of the cabin roof.

These LED lights are very small, but have 2,150 lumens at 21W.

The lights are integrated in the roof railing leads, so that branches do not damage the headlights and low hanging cables don´t get caught anywhere.

The lamps can be switched on both from the driver´s cabin and the living cabin.