additional fuel tank

An 600-liter auxiliary tank was installed in the driver´s side of the frame. With a fuel pump, that is installed on top of the tank, the diesel from the auxiliary tank can be pumped into the main tank. The on/off switch for the pump is located on the dashboard, a protective flap prevents from accidentally turning on the pump.

After our initial test-trip to Morocco, we covered the tank with aluminum honeycomb panels and a lockable flap:

  • the cables and pipes coming from the cabin are no longer visible and inaccessible without opening the flap.
  • the power inlet for the shore power is also hidden behind the flap.
  • the filler neck for the additional tank is not visible.
  • the space between the tank and the cabin can be used for storing larger things, we use it for storing two high pressure lifting bags.
  • the flap can be locked in a horizontal position so that it can be used as a workbench or table.