heating system

The standard heating of the driver´s cabin is a Eberspächer V7S air heating. It was replaced with an Eberspächer Hydronic M10 water heating with 10KW heating power. The fan in the cab was replaced with a water / air heat exchanger, which fits perfectly to the place of the old fan.

The water circuit can be switched between the driver´s cabin and living cabin. More details can be found on the page for the heating system of the living cabin.


  • Reliable heating, the standard air heater get slightly bitchy after 30 years in operation
  • The fan of the heat exchanger can be switched in 3 stages and is much quieter than the standard fan
  • Altitude kits can be installed to allow the heater to operate even at 4,000+ meters above sea level
  • significantly smaller footprint


  • The heat output in the driver´s cabin is not really great. At 0° C outside the driver's compartment was warmed to about 20 degrees. When driving, it is a little warmer because of the heat radiating from the engine compartment. The problem is not the water heater, but the water / air heat exchanger. It is specified with 10KW power, but in my opinion, this can not be achieved in real life.