LED headlights

The standard headlights were like almost all 30 year old lights: not really bright anymore, the glass was blind and the reflector dull. Replacing of the bulb with Osram Truckstar Pro H4 brought only little improvement. Rides at night were possible, but not really pleasant.

For this reason, the standard lamps were replaced with clear glass LED inserts from Truck Lite. They have ECE approval, and can be fitted to the existing holders without any modification. Read more... about lights

heating system

The standard heating of the driver´s cabin is a Eberspächer V7S air heating. It was replaced with an Eberspächer Hydronic M10 water heating with 10KW heating power. The fan in the cab was replaced with a water / air heat exchanger, which fits perfectly to the place of the old fan.

The water circuit can be switched between the driver´s cabin and living cabin. More details can be found on the page for the heating system of the living cabin.

Pros: Read more... about heating system

fuel filter

The standard fuel filter was replaced with a Separ fuel filter / water separator. It sits invisibly behind a flap between the tank and storage box, but is easily accessible for maintenance. The filter has a heating system built in, so the fuel can be pre-heated to prevent flocculation in cold temperatures. Read more... about fuel filter

exhaust system

Stainless steel exhaust system, built by Marcel Kley


  • Short distance between the driver´s cabin and the living cabin, the overall length of the truck is reduced by 10cm to 15cm
  • The original muffler is mounted under the vehicle on the passenger side. Now there is more space under the vehicle for an additional fuel tank
  • With left-hand traffic, the pedestrians and vehicles will not get all the exhaust fumes :-)

Disadvantages: Read more... about exhaust system

citizens band radio

A CB radio system type Albrecht AE 7500 is installed inside the driver´s cabin. The roof-mounted antenna is a Sirtel Gamma 1R. The CB radio can be set to European standards and also to North American frequencies / channels. It is very large compared to my old Walker President, but unfortunately the old CB radio was stolen from my Land Rover Defender.

Operation requires 12V, so that it a small 24V -> 12V converter was installed in the cab. The switch for the converter is on the dashboard. Read more... about citizens band radio


The truck is equipped with two (later three) cameras:

Dual rear view camera

The rear camera from Axion type DBC 114066TS has two lenses, a one for long-range, one for close range, The illumination of the area behind the trunk is done by built in infrared LEDs. They work quiet well at night, but the brake lights and the external LED roof lights are still helpful for illuminating the area behind the truck when driving backwards. Read more... about cameras


The stainless steel bullbar is hollow, and can be filled with about 25 liters of engine oil. It has a feed opening on top and a discharge valve on the bottom, to which a hose for filling an oilcan can be attached. The drain valve is hidden behind the bumper, so that it can not be seen.

Four aluminum sand ladders are stored between the bullbar and the cabin .

Read more... about bullbar>

air horn

Two Jumbo air horns are attached on the rear part of the cabin roof, where they are protected by the roof rack. The horns are powered by the compressed-air system, and can be connected with the standard horn, so that the air horns operate together with the standard horn.

[bg|Fahrzeug/Drucklufthörner] Read more... about air horn

additional fuel tank

An 600-liter auxiliary tank was installed in the driver´s side of the frame. With a fuel pump, that is installed on top of the tank, the diesel from the auxiliary tank can be pumped into the main tank. The on/off switch for the pump is located on the dashboard, a protective flap prevents from accidentally turning on the pump.

After our initial test-trip to Morocco, we covered the tank with aluminum honeycomb panels and a lockable flap:

Read more... about additional fuel tank>

Country information Angola


necessary: yes

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